Prison Blues Western Jacket


Made in the USA from domestic denim and new to the UK, the clothes made by the Prison Blues Company are some of the most durable you will ever lay your hands on. Based on classic American designs, the range includes an ‘authenticically cut Western Jacket’, for men and women – we challenge you to wear it out! Made of 100% 14.75 oz ‘rinsed’ cotton denim. Team it up with a pair of Prison Blues Jeans for a winning combination.

‘Rinsed’ denim items will measure as labelled.


The inmates who work in the Prison Blues factory do so at their own request. No one is forced to work in the plant and the workers are paid the prevailing industry wage for the job they do. After deductions for taxes, bed and board and victim restitution, workers keep around 20% of the earnings which can be sent to relatives or saved to provide a ‘nest egg’ for their release. There is currently a three year waiting list for workers to get on the programme. Workers on the programme learn basic skills and a work ethic that they will take with them when they are released back in to society. Research has shown that inmates who have worked on the programme are 50% less likely to re-offend than the USA average.